The Joy of Creation: Story Mode


Horror stories are not that bad, if you know how to make use of them. You need to be brave, and fearless to go through a series of challenges, and complete the story. A new game that is called The Joy of Creation: Reborn is another variant of Five Nights at Freddy’s, and you will see some characters and locations in the new game that are taken from the original one. Are you ready to put your fears away and try to survive in a very strange place, full of mysteries and scary objects? Your character finds him in not so pleasant place, plus, animatronics are eager to play their creepy games with him.

You don’t see the possible way of how to get rid of them, so you decide to explore the location in order to stay alive and find your way home. The enemies-animatronics aren’t the only evil in the game. Even if you don’t see danger, you need to remember that there are plenty of traps you may get into, and then the glorious way of your successful completing the game will be finished. If you think that you will be only hiding from monsters, you are not right, and may do many breathtaking things in this game, but we won’t reveal all the secrets. There are three levels, and each of them is responsible for different floors. The final level will lead you to the attic, and then you will get an access to the Endless mode. But if you think that this mode will grant you freedom, you are wrong.

There will be even more traps and secrets, but this will be more interesting and funnier in its way. No matter what mode you choose, you will find plenty of secrets that you need to reveal. Every location differs from the preceding one completely, and you have to learn everything about it. Not every detail will scare you, because you need to rest anyway. You will be amazed by the technical characteristics of the game, especially its graphics. If you are used to the games with a low quality, then you should forget about them immediately, because this version is just superb. The sounds are on the same level with the picture, so you will be amazed by their accuracy and realism. If you are a small child, this game isn’t for you, because you will see violence there. If you are easy to scare, this game will bring you to a heart attack. But if you are a healthy person, and you are eager to test your ability to work in stressing situations, The Joy of Creation: Reborn is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate a single second, and start the game right now!


  • Walk around
  • Jump, open doors

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