The Joy of Creation for Adnroid


The Joy of Creation is a horror game. It is Nikson’s inspiration based on the Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 which was inspired by another video game Boogeyman. To play this game you have to realize that your one and only goal is to survive and that is why you have one mode. It is a Survival mode and the goal is to be alive as long as you can and fight against animatronics. They appear in different locations of your house and to fight against them you have to use all your senses. There is not enough light, you have only few flashlights with low batteries. Be silent and use your hearing. Nikson created this game and was not sure about if he wants it to exist. But there was a voting that made him develop the basic shape of it, and he revived it into the horror game with a new name The Joy of Creation: Reborn. This game can be a reference to a book named The Autography of a Yogi. The Joy of Creation is very similar to the Boogeyman. The mission looks the same when you have a flashlight that you can use only part-time to lighten up the room to see the creatures and frighten them. Pressing the ‘M’ button you can watch a teaser trailer from The Joy of Creation.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, open doors

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