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The Joy of Creation: Reborn is a fun horror game from the first person which was based on Five Nights at Freddie’s. Choosing this game you can download different modes to your alike or try them all to compare. TJoC: Reborn offers 2 modes: Endless mode and Story mode.

Huge amount of great maps will show you a high-quality design and will bring you excitement while playing! There are some characteristics of the game that makes it unique and unforgettable! 1. Walking from a first person 2. Great sound and voice effects 3. Survival mode will check how long you can survive! 4. The music by Nathan Hanover 5. A lot of other additions! To have this game and to see how fast and clear it can run you should have a fairly decent computer. The features that it has to have will help you to enjoy the brightness of emotions that TJoC: Reborn brings up! Have fun and enjoy the Joy of Creation: Reborn!


  • Walk around
  • Jump, open doors

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