The Joy of Creation cheats


This is probably one of the very few developments where you can walk through different maps and use all possible tools to fight against animatronics. The worlds that you can play in are so tremendous that it really captures your breath away. Starting to play this game once you will never regret and would want to play again.

Horror is able to bring up totally new feelings that were unknown before. Very few games have such a realistic design and atmosphere that makes you feel so emotional. You can hear your name that is pronounced by animatronics in the darkness and suddenly a terrifying feeling covers all your body. These robots were used to cheer the visitors of the pizza cafe up, but a lot of time has passed by and toys became unfit.

All the animatronics noise that you can hear in the darkness can lock your mind and conquer it. You can easily lose yourself in the game trying not to be so terrified from everything you see and feel. You should use all your knowledge, strength, characteristics and abilities to survive in this horrible difficult and exciting place.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, open doors

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