The Joy of Creation: Reborn


You come back home after a hard working day. It’s rainy and dark outside. There were no warning signs until you entered the house. Someone has turned off the electricity? Where’s the light? You don’t even suspect what evil devils have settled in your rooms. If you’re not of a cowardly kind, come and meet the enemies! Ignited Freddy is waiting for you on the first floor. Do you hear those strange sounds? Run through the rooms but be on your guard. Your task is to collect 5 objects during one minute. It would so easy to do if Freddy didn’t attack you from around the corner.

You’ll never know where he hides. Suddenness is the key of this game. When you successfully finish the first level, you’ll have to go to the scary basement. Ignited Bonnie is your next pursuer. He’s stronger than Freddy, so he won’t miss the chance to punch you. Seems he gets pleasure from hurting you. His red eyes shine bright, much brighter than the torch you’re using. The silence is so loud than you can hear your breathing. The hallways are endless, as well as the darkness. And you continue the race in search of another 5 necessary objects.

If you get bored of Bonnie and it doesn’t frighten you anymore, have a midnight walk in the forest. Find 10 drawings within 5 minutes and be happy. Otherwise Ignited Chica will get you. The monster is extremely fast! Though it looks like a bird, there’s nothing cute about it. Chica has no mercy for you. Try to escape anyway. Never hesitate to run away! But don’t go far because there’s one more challenge left – the attic. Ignited Foxy lives there. It’s the strongest and the fastest among the four. You don’t have a right for mistake because Foxy will catch you the same moment. Stay calm and be very attentive! The Joy of Creation will teach you to be cold-hearted and think beforehand. If you’re fond of suspense and horror, you’re gonna love the game!


  • Walk around
  • Jump, open doors

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