The Joy of Creation 2


The Joy of Creation: Reborn is a game that is based on another horror game Five Nights at Freddie’s. TJoC is played from the first place and you have to walk through different corridors and unknown maps. The aim of the game is to collect object having a time limit and not to be attacked be animatronics. Developers made the graphic of the game so good that you can feel yourself being in it.

The design of it gives a birth of terrific emotions and feelings of horror. Your heart beat raises up and the atmosphere takes your breath away. All these corridors and scary rooms that are in TJoC brings up a realistic feeling of being tracked. And turning the next corner you never know if animatronics will attack you there when your flashlight is uncharged. Your adrenalin raises up and once you start to play this game you can’t take yourself away from it! The goal of the game is to find the objects and collect them when you are walking through endless amount of the maps.

These objects can be anywhere and unfortunately they do not shine and do not have a bright glow and color. So there is some difficulty in finding them. However, you have a time limit which makes your mission even more exciting/ And if the objects are not found you can always come closer to things you can see and press ‘E’ button, hoping that this is something you were supposed to collect. This game is for those who want to feel the real terror and who enjoys playing on a high heartbeat. If you are a fan of such kind of games then you should definitely check it out


  • Walk around
  • Jump, open doors

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